Battery Pens | Classical Metallic Tints

  • VVS Classical Metallic Battery

    Here at VVS pens we know how to bring the heat with one of our premium devices the VVS Classical Metallic Battery

    Vaporizing concentrates requires the right amount of temperature to assure proper vapor smoke. Spin the terpene loaded cartridge onto the battery. Give it a rip! These VVS batteries have been fine tuned to deliver THC/CBD vapor like a super-charged Mclaren on the open road.

    VVS batteries is elegance personified. Ben Baller doesn’t represent anything but the finest things in life and when you purchase a pen you’re not only making a statement you’re impressing everyone around you.

    Simply the best and above the rest in the concentrate cannabis vapors scene.

    Available in the classical metallic tints of Rose Gold | Classic Platinum | Timeless Gold.

    100% Mobility and Discreet

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