Exquisite Key Battery

  • Exquisite Key Battery

    When image is everything… Simply count on VVS pens – Our state of the art designed canna-essential cartridges paired with our exquisite key battery from VVS pens draws the line between THC potency and technological sophistication.

    Quickly switch and reveal the vapor cartridge when you’re ready to get puffy on wellness – snap back to keep hidden for safe storage when finished.

    What you waiting for?! Step your game up and cop these one of a kind VVS key battery units – exclusively offered only from VVS pens.

    Exclusive VVS Key Battery units available in classical metallic tints of Rose Gold | Classic Chrome | Timeless Gold.

    Fully rechargable – mix and match with VVS variety THC cartridges – Sativa | Hybrid | Indica

    100% Mobile and Discreet

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