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  • Vet CBD Tinctures

    Vet CBD Tinctures for Sale at Premiumthcconcentrates. Vet CBD is founded and formulated by our veterinarian, Dr. Tim Shu, specifically for pets. Animals are able to benefit from cannabis in a variety of ways, and we bring cannabis as medicine to pets. We use full spectrum, responsibly-grown CBD-rich cannabis strains to make VETCBD products.

    Product Highlights

    Easy to Measure CBD for Pets
    Veterinarian Formulated
    All natural product
    Olive oil based, PET SAFE

    All VETCBD products are tested according to the strict standards set by California cannabis regulations using state-certified laboratories to ensure our cannabinoid content is accurate and that all products are free from pesticides, solvents, microbial agents, and foreign materials.

    Available in 20:1 and 10:1 formulas.

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